Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy

Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy When Mums are expecting a baby, it should be a happy time filled with excitement and wonder. Unfortunately, for many women the nine months are also filled with sleepless and uncomfortable nights.
Of course it’s normal to feel more fatigued during pregnancy due to the changing hormone levels, but there are ways you can feel more rested and we have some hot tips to make sure that you get lots of deep and revitalising sleep during your pregnancy.
Reduce stress and relax
Stress is a huge factor that can stop you sleeping well, so it’s important to spend time in the evenings relaxing and de-stressing in preparation for bed.  It’s also good to remember that watching TV in the evening can stimulate you and keep you awake – in fact most technology has this effect.  So try to avoid watching TV and spending time on your computer, iPad and phone before going to bed. Instead spend time doing something relaxing like having a bath or reading a book.
Support your body
Find yourself a special pregnancy body pillow or a regular pillow to support your body. For comfort, try sleeping on your side with one pillow under your knee and another under your belly. During pregnancy is also a good time to consider what state your mattress is in. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that is more than eight years old you’ll probably get a better night sleep in a new bed with up to date technology to support your whole body.
Exercise regularly
Not only is this important for your health and the health of your baby, but it can also help you sleep better. Make sure you consult your doctor to find out what you can and can’t do, but exercise can be a good way to work off any excess energy you have and lull you into a restful sleep when it comes to bed time. Just make sure you exercise early in the day, because evening exercise can sometime awaken you right at the time when you need to be winding down.
Drink plenty of water
Focus on staying hydrated during the day, so you can avoid having to drink lots before going to bed.
Keep heartburn at bay
Many pregnant women experience heartburn during pregnancy. Try to avoid spicy or fried foods. If it’s a real issue, sleep with your body slightly elevated on your pillow.
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