The true cost of not getting enough sleep

The true cost of not getting enough sleep Staying up an hour later or getting up extra early may seem like you’re cramming more into the day. But if you’re not getting enough sleep these extra hours aren’t making you more productive, in fact it can be quite the opposite.
A recent study by Harvard Medical School shows that 30 per cent of office workers in USA aren’t getting enough sleep to perform at their best and that this reduced performance equates to 8.4 minutes in every hour of completely wasted time.
During an average eight hour day, that’s more than an hour of staring out the window, ‘zoning out’ during a meeting or blankly looking at your computer screen – all because the body is too tired to focus.
Being sleep deprived doesn’t just make you yawn throughout the day. Even a small amount of sleep deprivation wears down our ability to deal with every day stress and make it harder to concentrate for even short periods of time.
And there is no way around it. You can’t train your body to need less sleep, because during this precious time the body regenerates and restores itself.
So if you really want to be more productive focus on getting a great night’s sleep every night, so you can fill your days with as much as you want.
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