Giving your children the best chance to sleep

Giving your children the best chance to sleep
All too often kids get a hand-me-down mattress or they sleep on the same mattress from when they are a toddler right through to their late teens. As children grow they need a healthy sleep environment.
An old mattress can directly affect your child’s health and wellbeing. Over time, mattresses can absorb moisture build up and large amounts of dust mite excrement. These can really mess with your child’s body, breathing, sleep and health.

Babies and toddlers spend more time than anyone else in bed sleeping or napping and during this time their bodies are constantly growing so they need to have the correct support for spinal alignment.

Even when your children have outgrown their daily naps, they still need the right cushioning properties and support systems to ensure that growth in these formative years is healthy and not inhibited by a dodgy bed.

Children’s mattresses are specifically designed for growing kids with long lasting, heat tempered springs as well as cushioning that holds its form. These features ease pressure on the body and support the spine for correct alignment.

It’s important to think about mattress size as your children grow.  Depending on how tall your child grows during their teenage years it may be best to move them out of a single mattress into a long single, king single or double mattress.

Mattress measurements can vary between brands, but roughly a long single is designed for kids that grow particularly tall and they’re perfect if your child doesn’t have a large room. Whereas, the king single is designed for kids that are growing into adults and need a little extra width in their mattress. As for double mattresses, they are great for children that toss and turn throughout the night.

Whatever mattress you choose for your children’s growing bodies, it’s important not relegate them to a second-hand mattress that’s passed its best before date – they are worth the investment.
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