Mattress Reviews: SleepMaker Cocoon

Mattress Reviews: SleepMaker Cocoon

Mattress Reviews: The technology behind SleepMaker Cocoon

You may have heard that the SleepMaker Cocoon is the mattress behind The Most Beautiful Sleep Ever Made™ – but how is this possible?
In this article we discuss the unique design and technology that underpins every Australian-made SleepMaker Cocoon mattress. Find out how your Cocoon mattress will be made to order, and designed to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep ever.
You can also read our customer reviews – they can’t get enough of their luxurious new beds!
 The SleepMaker Cocoon mattress is the most luxurious mattress in our range, combining natural materials like silk or cashmere with the most advanced Sensorzone comfort technology
And you can sleep well knowing that every bed is made to order for you by our expert craftsmen, using the finest construction techniques. Read on to find out more about the quality and craftsmanship that makes your SleepMaker Cocoon mattress.

1. Luxury Quilt Layer

Every SleepMaker Cocoon mattress has a high quality, expertly designed top quilt. Exotic natural fibres such as natural silk or luxurious cashmere help improve airflow and breathability in the mattress.

2.Comfort Layer Technology

Sleepmaker Cocoon offers the latest in comfort layer technology, providing a luxurious feel without compromising on support and therapeutic qualities.
Anti-microbial treatment of the comfort layer foams reduces the spread of commonly found Australian allergens, and high performance new materials help to dissipate excessive heat from your body to prevent hot spots.

3. Sensorzone Support System

At the heart of every SleepMaker Cocoon mattress is the renowned Sensorzone core. The Sensorzone core is the only support system where springs and foam are fully integrated, providing targeted support exactly where you need it and minimizing partner disturbance.
The Sensorzone core offers 100mm of unique spring technology deep within a Dreamfoam core, while the Sensorzone Advance core offers full height springs to provide unrivalled sleep comfort and durability.


Beautiful sleep – Cocoon reviews

We know that our Cocoon range is something special, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some reviews from Cocoon mattress owners.
  • “The best mattress I have ever slept on.” Stephen – NSW 
  • “Sleep like a King!” Nathan – NSW
  • “The bed is amazing to sleep on, I wake up feeling rested. It is extremely comfortable and I don't feel my partner move in the bed.” Bel - QLD
  • “Great price, great value and good quality mattress.” Karen – NSW
  • “Since buying our new SleepMaker Cocoon bed, our quality of sleep has improved significantly.” Agnes – WA
Ready to experience the most beautiful sleep for yourself?
*Models and structural components in the SleepMaker Cocoon range vary and provide a selection of comfort choices. Models may vary between retailers.
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