Pet Slumber Parties

Pet Slumber Parties Do you wake up in the morning feeling more tired than you did when you went to bed? If so, something is disturbing your sleep. But do you know what it is? It could be your pet.
A Sleep study reported in the International Society for Anthrozoology that at least 10% of Australians share their bed with at least one pet.
While lots of people let their pets snuggled up in bed with them for comfort, evidence suggests that animals in bed make it harder to sleep.
According to a survey by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Centre, 53% of people who sleep with pets say that they disturb their sleep. Animals just don’t have the same sleep patterns as we do. So 3 o’clock in the morning to your cat might seem like an excellent time to start pouncing on its feet.
If you have a pet that kicks, snores, or hogs the covers more than your spouse, then your best option may be to leave your pet out of the bedroom at night. We know you love your pet, but losing valuable hours of sleep on a nightly basis can lead to countless health problems – especially if you suffer from asthma or have allergies.
Take a break from the pet slumber parties to see if it makes a difference with your sleep and if you can’t bear to kick your pets out of the bedroom, at least set up a new spot for them on the floor. That way your pet will still be in the same room as you and you can get a peaceful night sleep without the itching and scratching.
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