Tips for people who sleep with a snorer

Tips for people who sleep with a snorer We all want a good night’s sleep. It’s vital for our health and wellbeing. But sharing a bed with someone who snores can disrupt your sleep and drive you crazy.
At least 15% of Australians snore most nights. For men, the chances of being a snorer are higher with 40% having at least mild snorring. For women the number is slightly smaller with 30% of women suffering. Even if you are not a snorer, sleeping with one can cause you to lose up to an hour of sleep every night.  

The good news is there are things both you and your sleeping companion can do to ensure you both get a blissful night’s sleep.
Avoid alcohol before bed
Your whole body relaxes during sleep but drinking alcohol can relax your muscles even further. When your throat muscles relax too much, your tongue falls backwards into the airway, causing you to snore.
Roll them over
Lying on your back makes the base of your tongue collapse to the back wall of your throat, often causing the snoring sound. Gently roll your partner over on to their side, and wedge some pillows snugly against their back to make sure they don’t revert to their previous position.
Change your pillows
People with allergies are most likely to be snorers, as their nasal passages regularly get congested. To eliminate allergens, and decrease the likelihood of snoring, dust regularly and replace your pillows every six months. Elevating your head by sleeping on a thicker pillow will also help open up your airways.
Use earplugs
Earplugs are an effective way of handling snoring. Basic earplugs from your local chemist usually do the trick but you can buy specialist earplugs that reduce the low-frequency snoring sound even further.
The right bed
Sharing a tiny bed can be difficult at the best of times but having limited space when your partner is snoring is particularly frustrating. Having a comfortable mattress is also vital as it contributes significantly to whether you get a good night’s sleep and will lessen those middle of the night wakeup calls due to aches and pains.

To find the right bed for you and your partner make sure you complete the SleepMaker Sleep Selector.
If your partner is still snoring, contact your local doctor for alternative treatments.
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