Top Tips For Sleeping Better Over Winter

Top Tips For Sleeping Better Over Winter To help ensure you have a blissful night’s sleep this winter and wake feeling revived and refreshed, here’s our top 5 tips:
Have a warm shower or bath prior to getting into bed to warm up your body temperature, making it much easier to stay warm once you get under the covers.
Hot water bottles are great for little ones as you can dress them up in different covers so they have a new friend every night to cuddle up with.

To keep your bed protected from moisture and other things in the air, invest in a good quality mattress protector – for added warmth for little ones, place a thick blanket on top.

Make sure the bed is off the ground and away from any exterior walls. Walls conduct the cold from the growth of mildew and increases the chances of condensation forming around you, making it much colder and increasing health problems.

As Goldilocks knows, it’s important to keep the temperature ‘just right’. A too-warm bedroom can keep you up at night but being too cold isn’t conducive to sleep either. While you may be saving on the heating bill, shivering and teeth chattering is uncomfortable. Find a comfortable temperature and maintain it, at least while you’re falling asleep.
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