Top tips to sleep better this festive season

Top tips to sleep better this festive season The fairy lights are going up, the shopping centres are a-twinkle with red and gold decorations, and all around Australia people are gearing up for the nightmare before Christmas.

Christmas is the time of year that brings an abundance of different emotions. While to some, Christmas is full of love, joy and anticipation, to others Christmas brings with it a great deal of stress, frustration and to many; a lack of sleep.

Holistic Nutritionist Dr. Libby Weaver says it’s important that people remember to keep sleep a priority during the holiday season.

“It’s easy to find ourselves sacrificing our sleep during the holiday season but this not healthy as sleep is essential for every aspect of our health. With lack of quality sleep, not only do we find it hard to function but out bodies start to deteriorate from the inside out. Sleep allows the body to repair itself, to restore skin cells and muscle tissue from use during the day. So if we are not getting enough rest, it can affect the healing capacity of our body”.

The less you sleep also has a significant impact on your waistline, especially during this time of year when sweets and treats are readily available, and with Christmas parties, a lot of us are drinking more alcohol. What we eat and drink plays a huge role in falling and staying asleep.

Although a couple of drinks may help you drift off to sleep, too much alcohol decreases the REM (deep) sleep we all need and disrupts the body’s natural rhythms. It causes blood sugar levels to drop, so you may wake up in the middle of the night. Alcohol is also dehydrating so you are likely to wake up feeling thirsty.

During the Christmas season, it is very easy to forget that sometimes it’s these little things that affect your sleep quality. So if you are having difficulties sleeping in the next few weeks remember these tips to help you have a less stressful Christmas. On behalf of SleepMaker and Dr. Libby we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tips to stay healthy through the festive Season:

Rest and Relax

Make time for exercise: Even if it’s just a quick walk up the stairs

Don’t eat too much or drink before bed: instead opt for a light snack.

Make a to-do List: That way you shut off before you go to sleep at night.

Don’t skip sleep: 8 Hours per night is a must this time of year to ensure your mind and body are properly rested and ready to go again.
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