Australian Made Pocket Spring

Our advanced spring manufacturing technology has enabled us to design a unique 200mm high pocket spring to deliver both outstanding support and minimum partner disturbance through motion isolation.

With an innovative new five-zone support system, the mattress transitions from soft to firm zones to perfectly support the hip region and maintain optimal spinal alignment.

Spinal Alignment and Outstanding Support

Where traditional pocket spring zones are created by using different wire gauges for soft and firm areas, our unique pocket spring technology uses a different number of turns in the same wire spring. This provides a more graduated and consistent support across the entire mattress.

Firmer spring zones are created using 8.5 turns to support your body where less contouring is needed, while softer spring zones use 9.5 turns to offer greater contouring. Put simply, the more turns in the spring, the softer the feel.

Motion Isolation for Reduced Partner Disturbance

Our unique pocket spring design ensures each individual spring moves independently of each other, so your partner will feel little or no movement when you move. Traditional inner-spring systems do not enjoy this luxury as the springs are connected to each other.

No Mattress Roll Out

Our pocket spring system sits within a high density cushioned Comfort Edge, which gives you pure comfort and support right to the edge of the mattress and helps reduce that ‘roll out of bed’ feeling.

And with our Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment, your mattress will be protected from dust mites (which can trigger asthma and allergies) and many of the bacteria and fungi that can create unwanted smells and staining.