Cocoon Core

At the heart of our SleepMaker Cocoon® is our unique Cocoon Support System – an inspirational hybrid of the best quality support systems: inner-sprung, pocket spring and solid core.

Here each individual coil is cocooned within our eco-friendly Dreamfoam® core, enabling the core to yield and contour to your body shape, supporting it uniformly while at the same time providing enhanced spinal support.

While the core’s soft touch response provides the ultimate in comfort, the supportive properties of the pocket coil and Dreamfoam combine to provide exceptional, gradual double support.

Featuring our graduated five-zone support system, the mattress transitions from soft to firm zones by concentrating higher density Dreamfoam in the areas where your body requires greater support.

By spreading your body weight over the entire mattress, Sleepmaker Cocoon offers enhanced stability and durability.

Watch this video to find out more about the unique benefits Cocoon has to offer:

Delight in an uninterrupted sleep

Our unique Cocoon Support System has been designed so that every spring is contained in its own individual zone, enabling each spring to move independently of the others, virtually eliminating partner disturbance.

Originally developed for luxury motor vehicles to ensure the smoothest possible ride for their passengers, this advanced technology represents the latest breakthrough in individualised support systems.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Our Cocoon cores are ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, as they are not only treated with our Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment but the solid nature of the Dreamfoam prevents dust mites and other allergens penetrating the mattress.