Miracoil Spring Unit

Our Miracoil spring unit system offers you superior support through stronger coil wire while our patented z-shaped coil structure covers more surface area, providing greater support across the entire mattress.

You’ll sleep deeply with reduced partner disturbance, no roll out and our special Flex Control foundation to minimise mattress flex – ideal for use on slatted bases.

Miracoil is available in Miracoil Classic (2.2mm wire gauge) and Miracoil Advance (2.32mm wire gauge). These high wire gauges and their unique coil shape provide incredible support.

Miracoil Advance features our graduated five-zone system, where the mattress transitions from soft to firm zones to perfectly support the hip region and maintain optimal spinal alignment, as well as 200mm high springs for the ultimate in support and comfort.

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Our Miracoil spring unit system is the only open coil spring system designed specifically to offer you an undisturbed sleep. We have run both the springs and helical wires continuously from head to toe, to transfer the weight down the bed instead of across it, and to ensure minimum partner disturbance.

No Mattress Roll Out

With a spring system which runs all the way to the edge of your Miracoil Classic mattress, you’ll enjoy full support across the entire bed. You can sleep right to the edge of the bed without experiencing that ‘roll out of bed’ feeling.

And with Miracoil Advance, you’ll have the added benefit of our high density cushioned Comfort Edge, treated with Ultra-Fresh. This antimicrobial treatment protects your mattress from dust mites (which can trigger asthma and allergies) and many of the bacteria and fungi that can create unwanted smells and staining.

Designed for Slatted Bases

Our Flex Control technology combines our Miracoil spring support system with a durable foundation layer that sits beneath the spring unit to minimise flex. These mattresses are ideal for use on slatted bases as they do not sag.